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August 20, 2013


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C265679 mMy computer dictionary describes “Remarkable” as worthy of attention; striking: a remarkable coincidence.

I have a more literal definition that I would like to explore.

Remarkable: To re-mark.

It’s not a recommendation to say it again, but to mark it again. It’s very much like Santa’s list – checking it twice.

How often have we read or said something profound which offered us a clear direction to true north and then just let it pass by without moving in that direction?

We may have marked it in our journal or memory but we didn’t re-mark it in our lives.

You can’t live on profound quotes, only the actions they suggest.

Taking action is re-marking in my book.

The refrigerator strategy doesn’t work. That’s when you put pithy sayings on your “ice box” that never thaw. We think if we post it, it will come. To quote my sainted mother, “Don’t hold your hand on your ass waiting.”

Here’s a suggestion: Cull through your meaningful sayings collection and pick your top 3 favorites. Then select one of them for action. Take some small, repeated action on that saying every day for a month. That’s re-marking.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the well read person can only talk about the things they’ve read; the remarkable person can cite the things they’ve done.

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