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August 16, 2013

Unjustified Resistance

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C631869 m“Resistance justifies you from making the change you desire. So said The Grasshopper on a hot Friday in July.

A surefire way to keep things around that you don’t want is to resist the methods of change. Are you resisting making a change in your life? The resistance won’t attract the change, only magnetize the things that keep you from changing.

There is a ton of justification in resistance. Just look at what you justify and you will find what you resist. Making excuses for yourself or others is resistance on parade.

Don’t beat yourself up for resisting; we all do it. Just begin to start noticing what you’re resisting and then stop offering justifications for your resistant behavior. Noticing and stopping is a one-two punch that, when delivered consistently, puts resistance flat on its back.

Side note: Hesitancy is not resistance. It’s a prudent look at the options before you. Or as Davy Crockett reminded us, “First make sure you’re right, then go ahead.” Resistance is a plan to stay in place.

Some want to explore “why” they are so resistant. That’s just another avenue that leads toward justification. It’s a delaying tactic. Having a historic reference for why you resist makes for interesting conversation but it’s just another way to delay doing.

Building a bridge from where you are to where you want to go is always the most direct route. Harkening back to why you never went will keep you in “Never-Never” land.

You know what resistance feels like for you. Notice that sensation when it arrises and then “resist” the temptation to justify it. This is a way to notice the fire without fueling it. It will burn itself out as long as you don’t keep adding justification to it.

Noticing and stopping will accomplish two things:

1. You’ll personally discover a secret that’s been kept from you – the causal relationship between justification and resistance and how it holds you back.

2. You’ll be too busy moving forward to look back on what was dragging you down.

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