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March 6, 2013

Of This World

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C176426 mThe Grasshopper hasn’t been around for a while. That usually happens when I get caught up in my life story instead of experiencing my life.

But there he was on my doorstep in the quiet of the early morning with this gem: “Facts change, wisdom doesn’t.”

Facts and circumstances are always in abundance but wisdom is scarce, especially when you give too much weight to the things that will weigh you down.

I coined a phrase back in the 90s. I called it “Of this world.” It was the observation I made when I noticed someone caught in the trap of their thoughts. You could easily see the manifestation on their face. There was noticeable pain caused by the current set of facts and circumstances they were wrestling with inside their head, which eventually spewed out of their mouth for public consumption.

Wisdom arrives when there is an absence of facts. That’s because wisdom runs on a separate track from facts and figures. It’s the part of you that quietly figures stuff out. The process never changes. Get quiet and get wise.

Notice that a new set of facts can get you to go off in countless directions. Wisdom always comes from the same place.

Wisdom is not a set of 1-2-3 directions but the process that delivers actionable information.

Wisdom also delivers the ability not to act, or better put, “react.”

Wisdom is not reactive; it’s responsive. If a fact makes you predictably react, you are acting on your knowledge. If a fact causes a pause in your thought process, you’re more likely to come up with a wise response.

There is a choice point where you can decide to go to your limited container of facts and figures or delve deeper into your reservoir of responses.

It’s from this deeper place that wisdom arrives. The facts and figures of yesterday will come and go but the wisdom of right now will always be constant. You can’t get to it if you’re constantly trying to figure things out.

Take a break from your facts and circumstance today and give your wisdom an opportunity to come out and play.

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