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January 15, 2013


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C381805 mAt what point does one thing begin to become another? At what point does the caterpillar transition to a butterfly? In short, when does change happen?

I’m sure the actual moment of change happens in an instant, but we don’t recognize it that fast. Change sort of sneaks up on us, kinda’ like age.

What attitudes and behaviors did you have a decade ago that you don’t have now? When did the actual change take place? Sometimes we can point to a seminal event, but most often it just arrives and we notice it later.

Knowing also sneaks up on us. There is a certain sense of wisdom that just leaks out when we get to the point of knowing. Knowing isn’t knowledge; it’s a sense that we have a part of us where everything is taken care of.

Knowing doesn’t arrive as an “Ah-Ha” moment; it’s more of a transition from hurry and worry to a sense of peace. Knowing embodies the Buddha’s observation that, “Everything is as it should be.”

Knowing allows you to know that your response is the only choice you own. Your reactions own you. Once you know that you have the ability to respond vs. react to whatever life presents, life gets more peaceful.

There is less worry about how you’ll react because you now know that you have the ability to respond. Life is coming at us all at all times. If we have to plan our reactions to each of life’s events, we will be too preoccupied to notice that we have the ability to respond.

Make the transition to knowing happen quicker by opening yourself up to the idea that there is a part of you that knows and is capable of generating a response.

Here’s a hint to make the transition happen sooner: Give up the idea that you have control over anything. Once the illusion of control goes away in a puff of smoke, you begin to transition into a state of knowing.

If you reacted to these observations, your transition to knowing will take longer. If you embrace the idea that there is a part of you that takes care of everything, you’re in the know.

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