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August 27, 2008

Your Job

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My mother used to have a saying when someone was upset. She said, “They’ll get glad again.”
The Grasshopper had this to say the other day, “When you’re unhappy, your job is to find a way back to happiness.”

It’s no one’s responsibility but ours.

I, like you, have had unhappy moments in the past. I’m enough of a realist to know that I will have my share of them in the future. The key is to recognize that you’re unhappy and not to assign that feeling to circumstances. “I’m unhappy because . . .” is a statement that will keep you unhappy. “I have unhappiness inside me” is more of a platform for discovering the way back to happiness.

“I’m unhappy because . . .” keeps the story alive. The story will never lead you back to happiness. Experiencing the feeling of unhappiness in your body is the quickest way back. The minute you jump to your mind to justify the feeling in your body, you keep unhappiness in place that much longer.

There are causative factors that have us respond with unhappiness. Staying focused on the factors does nothing to alleviate our internal painful state. Paying attention to the feeling that goes along with the unhappy emotion gives it the recognition that it desires and deserves. Once the feeling is acknowledged, it begins the process of transmutation and leads us back to a happier state.

One of the biggest mistakes we can make when unhappy is to look outside ourselves for a solution. The solution always was and always will be inside. The outside remedies are always short term and never deal with the condition; they just cover it up.

Your job is to allow yourself the opportunity to recognize, acknowledge and sit with your unhappy feeling. There is a part of you that knows how to process that feeling and return you to the happiness that’s on the other side of it.

Chasing away the blues only works for awhile. I’ve never met anyone who has pissed and moaned their way to happiness. I doubt I ever will. Your job is to recognize that you can find your way there by allowing your body to do its job.

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