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August 12, 2008

Start Here

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It’s pretty hard to get where you’re going if you don’t know where you are.

Most of us are experts on where we have been but that’s little help in getting to where you are going.

It’s all a matter of focus. The comical phrase “You can’t get there from here” is always inaccurate. “Here” is always the starting point. You can’t start from “there” because you aren’t there now, you’re here. Before this becomes an Abbott & Costello routine, let’s just say that it would be productive to find out where you are before you step in any direction.

This is less about caution and more about prudence.

You won’t figure out every contingency in your planned journey to go somewhere. If you attempt to do that, you will never take the first step. It’s like the old dodge to avoid marriage – “We’ll get married when we have enough money.” That’s like saying, “I’ll diet when I lose some weight.” But enough about caution.

The foundational piece to travel someplace new is to know where you are now. Reminds me of a story . . .

Charles Barkley and Larry Bird are both Hall of Fame, basketball players. Larry won championships; Charles didn’t. Charles played to his strength; Larry went to work on his weaknesses. If someone scored on Larry while he was playing defense, he would take the ball out of bounds and immediately flip it up court to an open man who had an advantage on his defender. Charles, when scored on, would take the ball out of bounds, put his head down, pound the ball and berate himself. He missed his open teammate by this repeated action. Charles didn’t know where he was – Larry did.

When you get lost in your head, you are not here and it would be unwise to step off in any direction.

“Here” is getting out of your head, and it is always the most advantageous starting point.

You are always at a location that doesn’t exist when you are stuck inside your head. It’s the land of make believe. Reality is “Here” with a different spelling.

When you get out of your head, you make choices based on what’s here, right now. It’s called noticing reality. Every time we go in our head, we dodge reality and wind up stepping off in a direction that leads us in circles.

Finding the off ramp involves truly discovering where you are right now – here. That way it’s easier to plot a course for your next step.

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