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August 1, 2008

3 Act Play

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It seems reasonable to me that life is a 3 act play.

Act 1. Who I am

Act 2. Where am I going?

Act 3. Here is where I am

Judging by personal and professional experience, Act 1 is the longest followed in longevity by Act 2 and Act 3.

Act 1. This is the collection of scenes that adds to the backdrop of the role I’m playing. It’s the building of my self-image that is contributed to by my social, cultural and parental conditioning. I have name, reputation, occupation, marital or parental status, social security number and a host of other markers that indicate who I am.

Act 2. This is the sequence of events that causes me to question the path I’m traveling. This is a personal inquiry that is best highlighted by the Peggy Lee song, “Is That All There Is?” The fa├žade of the image we present begins to crack. There is a period of time where we attempt to mend those cracks in hopes of getting back the image we were questioning in the first place. When that doesn’t work, we search for depths that have teased us but eluded us in the past.

Act 3. This one comes along later in life for most. If it had a name, it would be called “Discovery.” This is the clarity we’ve been seeking. This is when the strong wind of gentle change blows away the illusion of who I am. We peek behind the curtain and discover that we’ve been here all along. The prop of personality has been put into perspective as we find out that it was just a pseudo-decoration that hid the real us which can only be discovered in the here and now.

Epilog: We’re on the same stage for our entire life. Only the props make it look different and hide its true essence. The sooner we reach Act 3, the quicker we will, as they say in music, resolve the chord. This is when we live in accord with our true nature and truly begin to appreciate our life.

Here is the discovery I’ve made: Real life is only a 1 act play.

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