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May 28, 2008

Limited Warranty

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There are no guarantees in life aside from death, taxes and Law & Order reruns.

We do have a limited warranty on our human existence. For some it can last for only minutes and for others, just over a century. The common news is that it eventually runs out for everyone – we die.

Our imbuing spirit never dies, it just shifts location, but the form that carries our name ceases to exist at some point – the warranty runs out. Regarding this limited existence, the question has come up in every culture since the beginning of time – “What is the meaning of life?” I don’t know that answer but I think I’ve caught a glimpse of life’s purpose.

I think the purpose of life is to get maximum use out of your human existence by making a contribution. You are always contributing something to the patchwork quilt of humankind whether you want that to be your contribution or not. This is best explained by the maxim offered by the teachers of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming): “You cannot not respond.” They explain that even a non-response is a response.

So what’s the best thing you can contribute? I don’t have a specific answer only a signpost. You will know that you’ve found what you’re supposed to be contributing when you begin to notice more peaceful moments in your life. This is a telltale sign that you are on the right track.

Maximum use of our existence is not to be confused with seeking out constant pleasure and calling that maximum use. Pleasures will come and go like the tides. Seeking one tide to be a constant goes against the laws of nature. It’s an artificial existence and eventually it ends in a crash.

Maximum use of your existence and finding your contribution is about the blending of the two words that describe you – Human Being.

You have a form with sundry working parts and an intellect. That’s human.

You have a life force within you that animates your humanness. That’s being.

Don’t let anyone tell you what your specific purpose should be. Only you can find it. The most direct road to discovery is discovering your being – the part of you that imbues your human form. This being part of us remains hidden for most of us because we’ve assigned too much importance to being human and its constant quest for pleasure. We most often think of it as physical pleasure but it comes in many other forms. For example, being right is a human pleasure. Some need to be right all the time. They seek one tide. The crash comes in the form of the alienation of everyone because if you are always right, then they are always wrong, and who wants to be around someone who makes them wrong all the time?

The interesting thing is that being delivers more pleasure than human can ever imagine. When you discover your being, you begin to experience simple pleasures – ones that you overlooked while being exclusively human. With being, there are untold pleasures delivered along with peacefulness that human can’t seem to deliver. Intellectually getting yourself to peace is like taking pictures with the lens cap on – nothing ever develops.

There is nothing wrong with being human. It’s a matter of balance. Use the gift of life to its fullest by allowing your being to infuse your human contribution. It’s the ultimate win-win. You contribute something of value to your fellow humans and you enjoy the peacefulness of being in your own body – the ultimate pleasure.

Discover being before your warranty runs out. If you don’t know how to begin, find a class, a book, a CD that helps you quiet your mind. With a little practice in getting your mind to quiet down, you begin to notice being showing up more regularly. The more being you allow into your life, the more your contribution is felt by you and others.

All the best,


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