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May 9, 2008


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I had a dream last night that contained a message. I’ve had less than a handful of these types of dreams in my lifetime, so I pay attention when one of them comes along.

This dream, like most, lacked rhyme or reason and was a hodgepodge of loose ends but there was an unmistakable message included. The dream was related to my mother who died in 2001 but she wasn’t even in the dream. Perhaps a story would be helpful . . .

About 20 years ago, my mother said, “You know what they ought to have – a pocketbook with a light that goes on when you open it so you can find your keys and other things in the dark.” She thought it would be convenient and a safety feature for women entering their apartments or homes at nighttime. We all commented what a great idea that was and that was the end of it. I recently got an email from Amity, my business partner’s wife with an attachment picturing such a purse and she wrote, “I immediately thought of your mother when I saw this.”

This product didn’t exist 20 years ago but it did in my mother’s creative consciousness.

Back to the dream . . . In it, I was designing a purse and sewing pockets and compartments inside of it to make it more functional. It was definitely a prototype of some sort. I was having difficulty making the purse functional in the dream. There was a dual feeling of frustration and promise attached to this dreaming experience and then I woke up.

Mother’s Day is Sunday and I got a cryptic message from Mom that applies to all of us – follow your creative urges to fruition.

There are ideas and actions that want to flow through you. How you know this is because they keep showing up. You find excuses not to follow up on these actions and ideas and they keep getting put on the back burner or tucked away in a mental crawl space.

You are a conduit for creativity. This unmistakable urge is coming from your source and it wants to be born. All you have to do is let it happen.

Notice that your ego always stands in the way of creativity. The operative phrase of the ego is, “It can’t be done.” That’s because your ego only knows nuts and bolts. It missed the design class. There is a part of you that has a design for your life and it wants to show you the blueprint and the plan but the security guard (ego) won’t let them on the job site.

Step 1 – Issue your creative self an “on premises” badge and give them permission to visit you 24/7, even in your dreams.

Step 2 – Give your security guard more coffee breaks so you can put your creative stirrings into action without all that negative energy being present.

Step 3 – Always trust the creative sensation and it will keep delivering urges and action plans that keep you in the flow of life and not stuck in the guard shack.

Thanks, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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