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May 23, 2008

Unofficial Beginning

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Ever since I’ve been a kid, I remember Memorial Day Weekend being referred to as the unofficial beginning of summer. It got me wondering about unofficial beginnings.

Some products have beta tests before being offered to the public (too bad Microsoft didn’t do that with Vista). Some stores have private, invitation only, openings before the official grand opening. Plays and musicals have off, off Broadway beginnings.

When we act on an idea, we look at that as a beginning, but it had an unofficial beginning because it was in the process of gestation below consciousness before it became an official idea. Did you ever look back and notice that there is a path to where you currently are. You couldn’t have gotten here unless you were there. You wouldn’t normally look at those past experiences as setting you up for your current situation but they have played a role is getting you to now – good, bad or indifferent. They were unofficial beginnings. They weren’t planned but they nevertheless contributed.

The Bible talks about unofficial beginnings when we read:

Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth”

Today can be the unofficial beginning of a new season for you. This is the day to put an idea into the fertile soil of creativity without a lot of fanfare. Nobody needs to know. Remember: A secret is no longer a secret when you tell someone else. This means that today you can unofficially begin the next step in your evolution as to what gifts you want to produce. You may not see the action plan show up for awhile. When it does, that will be the official beginning.

There is a matter of trust needed for you to get from unofficial to official. You could logically whittle your desire away and come up with actuarial odds of it not happening in your lifetime, or you can just silently plant the seed and see what happens.

What seed are you holding onto that could be planted today? What unofficial beginning can start right now?

Simply take a few minutes today and quiet your mind and then plant your seed.

There will always be logical reasons not to unofficially begin but remember the famous words of hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky:

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

All the best,


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