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December 20, 2007


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Now there is a power packed word. Enlightenment conjures up myriad responses.

The Grasshopper chimed in with theses Nips of Nectar on the topic:

“Enlightenment is seeing without naming.”

“Divinity doesn’t think; it just creates.”

Jerry Stocking says that when you perceive your enlightenment, you have access to a bigger database. He also says that enlightenment is closer than your next thought. Jerry has a book called: Enlightenment is Losing Your Mind. It’s not an easy read, but it will get you contemplative and provide moments of enlightenment.

I am not an expert on enlightenment. I have investigated the topic and it seems to me that it has been dressed up to be something that it isn’t. The common thinking is that it’s reserved for holy men and women, who dress in sack cloth, eat nothing but wild berries, and never have any wild sex. That may be an exaggeration, but it’s not far from the point.

It seems that when we are free of thought, that’s when our creativity begins to flow. That’s also when answers to questions seem to come. We come up with pieces of information that don’t come from our patterned intellect. It seems that being “thoughtless” is the key to enlightenment.

How many times have you washed the car, taken a shower, knitted, or have been absorbed in some other activity, when all of a sudden a light went on? That’s enlightenment. It’s meant for everyone not just the seemingly dull and boring.

When the thought machine stops or gets occupied with something else, that’s when these moments of Satori show up.

I call my newsletter, S P A C E S. The reason for that is because when spaces show up between our thoughts, calmness & creativity arrive.

Investigate ways to generate space in your intellectual real estate.

Make it a point to engage is some meditative or contemplative practice each day. Don’t make it a religion. Start slowly at first so that you can easily find the time. You’ll eventually arrive at a comfortable amount of time that’s just right for you.

All of my CDs and DVDs are designed to get you to that place. Investigate my website and see which ones make the most sense for you.

You can still plan your pilgrimage to remote India, but you don’t have to be anywhere but where you are to have these special moments.

All the best,


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Software Challenged

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I really haven’t figured out my blogging software yet. I spent over an hour yesterday making a concerted effort to get the picture of the 2 CD Set, I LOVE MY BODY onto this site. I think I have finally figured it out.

It’s the fastest selling CD I have ever produced and I think it’s because it touches on something that is so obvious, yet remains hidden for most. Please read yesterday’s blog below to find out more.

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