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December 7, 2007


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I used to take a lot more pictures than I do now. Snapping shots of the family growing up, holidays, birthdays, etc. was something I really enjoyed. Now, I do more looking at pictures than I do taking them.

I like to look through photo albums – even of people I don’t know. Pictures tell you a lot about people.

There are Native Americans who refuse to be photographed. Crazy Horse would never allow his picture to be taken while he was alive. In Mexico there are certain towns that hold on to Mayan traditions which include not having their picture taken. The religious belief is that your soul is captured and imprisoned within the photograph. I believe they were intuitively on to something.

I went to visit one of my mentors, Dr. Dave Dobson in 2001. I always like to know what people who have skills that I admire are reading. What captures their fancy? Dave told me about a book called Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness.

It describes the story of Jane’s experience with uterine cancer and energy balancing. “Sanctuary” also maintains that a person’s energy is captured in a photograph and doing energy balancing with the photograph is the same as doing it with the person.

“Sanctuary” will challenge your beliefs and jumpstart your curiosity that there is more to this than meets the eye. Quoting Plato:

Take a look round, then, and see that none of the uninitiated are listening. Now by the uninitiated I mean the people who believe in nothing but what they can grasp in their hands, and who will not allow that action or generation or anything invisible can have real existence.”

If you ever come to one of my seminars, you will likely hear me say, “You can’t eat a whole cow in one sitting.” What I mean by that is illustrated in the following story.

I was working at a radio station that had lots of family listening. That means the parents who controlled the selection of our station had children ages 5 to 13 within earshot of our programming whether at home or in the car. Our general manager accepted advertising for a “gentleman’s club.” That meant topless dancing etc. I asked him to reconsider. He said he would put the ads on after 6 p.m. and that would minimize the “exposure.” I asked him to think about the mother or father picking their son or daughter up after soccer practice and how uncomfortable that parent would be with that specific content on the air with their children listening, not to mention lost listenership. I lost the argument.

Fast forward to about 3 weeks later . . . A radio consultant we hired was in town for a visit. He sat down with me and the GM and his first question was, “Why are you running those ads? Don’t you know you will jeopardize your listenership?” The GM gave his rational for generating more revenue blah, blah. Then the consultant said, “I’m not asking you to change your religion, I’m requesting that you get a little religion.” He suggested that people who would frequent that establishment already knew what was featured there and it wasn’t necessary to jam it in their face with the explicit descriptions that were in the ads. He recommended that the ads contain only the words “gentleman’s entertainment” regarding content, along with the words “fun, entertainment and excitement” plus the address and hours of operation. The GM got a little religion. Also, he eventually dropped them as an advertiser all together.

Regarding the message of “Sanctuary,” I request that you get a little religion. Here’s a starting practice to break this philosophy into a bite sized chunk. Find a picture of someone that you have certain intentions for. Do your own version of praying or intentioning with that picture in hand. Send the person in the picture your love, you best wishes, your gratitude for their existence, and then see what happens.

You are working with the energy of the person even though it is in picture form. Don’t attempt to find out if this exercise is true. That means don’t judge the idea in your head. Rather, find out if it is useful. There is really no downside to giving this a go. If it proves fruitful, yea you! If you find it not to be helpful, the worst you have done is express the love in your heart.

Maybe Crazy Horse wasn’t so crazy!

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