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December 19, 2007

Early Start

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You may be planning a new regime in the New Year regarding your weight and the shape of your body. You’re not alone. It’s the #1 New Year’s Resolution.

Sadly, most diet plans fail because they don’t address the root cause of being overweight and people gain back all the weight they lost, and then some. That’s what our Hypnosis Seminars help you do – Lose Weight and Keep it Off. The same is true for my Lose Weight & Keep it Off DVD. I encourage anyone who has tried everything to get to one of our weight loss seminars or purchase the seminar on DVD.

“But,” You Say, “My Story is Different . . .”

You may be struggling with the most hidden aspect of weight loss. You have the ability to lose weight but you get to a sticking point and you just can’t get past it. No matter what you do, you can’t get over the hump.

There’s a simple reason why that happens for so many. And there’s an easy solution. It’s called, I LOVE MY BODY.

I have been doing weight loss seminars for over 25 years and I cannot begin to estimate the number of times people have come up to me and said, “I hate my body.

90% of the emails I receive about weight loss have some form of the declaration, “I hate my body” in them. This is true for the anorexic and the obese and for everyone in between.

Sadly, our culture has added fuel to that raging fire. For example, according to a recent survey, the last time most women felt comfortable in a bathing suit was at age 10. That alone should tell you something about how we perceive our bodies.

Here’s the Why and Wherefore . . .

Imagine for a moment that you have requested something of someone whom you absolutely loathe. You’ve made no secret of the fact that this person disgusts you. In fact, you’ve told them to their face that you hate their guts. How cooperative would that person be in granting your request? My guess is not very.

Your body responds in the same exact way. You may begin to get results with your weight loss or body shaping program, and then all of a sudden you get stuck in the mud. Your body won’t cooperate.

The amazing secret to getting unstuck is to change your attitude towards your body.

You may have heard me say the word “attitude” is an aeronautical term which means angle of approach? If someone told you to change your attitude, that may sound harsh and parental and you may not have a great response to that request. If, however, they asked you to change your angle of approach, that is a lot easier on the ears, and there is not quite the emotional response to that suggestion.

I LOVE MY BODY shows you how shifting your angle of approach, just a few degrees, jumpstarts your body’s cooperation.  This new approach called, Self-Acceptance Psychology® removes the roadblocks and gets your body in the shape you want.

“John walks you through a process – very relaxing, soothing. I melted. It goes deeper than weight-loss, beyond self-acceptance into self-love. It’s for anyone who has body image issues -and really, who doesn’t? A deceptively simple process that has altered the way I see myself and how I view the world. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to fit in size 10’s again. This CD is for anyone who has struggled with body image issues and self-acceptance.  Thank you, John.”
– Hali C. – Massage Therapist, Luray, VA

Your body is deserving of recognition, respect and love. It has served you through life and has done precisely what it was created to do, and you may be treating it like an evil step-sister. Your body loves you, and when your return that love, you get unstuck. It’s that simple.

Acceptance is the catalyst for transformation. Willingness is the catalyst for acceptance. Be willing to shift your angle of approach and accept your body. Begin to honor and acknowledge your body for the miracles it performs every day. Start expressing your gratitude for all that your body does for you, and begin to show it your appreciation and love. Then stand back and watch what happens!

Change begins rapidly when you start communicating, I LOVE MY BODY.

To assist you in getting unstuck, I have created a 2 CD set called, I LOVE MY BODY. One Hypnosis CD is for eyes closed listening when time permits. The second Hypnosis CD – filled with subliminal, self-acceptance suggestions – can be listened to while engaged in other activities like, driving, exercising, reading a newspaper or a book, or scanning the web.

These CDs are for men and women alike – including: people who want to lose or gain weight, body builders, body shapers, and anyone who has life-long, negative body image issues.

If you have reached a plateau in your weight loss or body shaping program, I LOVE MY BODY is your catalyst for transformation. Purchase the I LOVE MY BODY CD set for yourself, and then buy another set for someone you love. They will love you forever. It’s only $39.95.

This is the only New Year’s Resolution you need to make – I LOVE MY BODY

Make this New Year Year’s Resolution NOW, and finally get out of the mud and get over the hump!

Purchase this 2 CD Set for only $39.95 by clicking here.

Happy New Year!


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