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February 3, 2021

Divine Expression

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Woman 954785 1920We all have different ways of expressing ourselves. But when we express something that’s instantly recognized as coming from a deeper place, it’s a divine expression.

“Divine” is a creative source and can have any name you choose to give it. But whatever the name, we recognize its expression as coming not from us, but through us.

Have you ever said something you didn’t pre-think that was just plain profound? Even if we publicly take credit for it, we immediately know we weren’t the author, only the delivery person.

We all have access to this treasure trove of creativity and I’m forever amazed of all the ways it comes out through different people.

Your divine expression comes through your educational and experiential filters before it’s delivered. Whether it’s the backwoods expressions of a Mark Twain writing, a rapper’s lyric, a Mozart symphony, a Michelangelo painting, or your grandmothers’s wise counsel, you recognize their expression comes from a deeper source.

A divine expression can come from anyone at anytime. It’s not limited to a few. In fact, the next one can come from you.

We limit ourselves when we just wait for the next visit of this muse. We can act as a catalyst for more expression to come our way. It just requires getting out of our own way. That means getting out of our head.

When our mind gets clear of our thoughts, even for just a brief moment, we have access to what I refer to as our “cauldron of creativity.”

If you don’t already have one, make it your mission to find a mind quieting practice – one that works for you. Then don’t be too surprised when the floodgates open and more divine expression comes through.

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