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November 19, 2020

Borrowed Time

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Pie in the skyI’m sure someone has said it before: that we all live on borrowed time.

When we borrow money, we do so for a purpose, not so much so with borrowed time.

Many of us use our time waiting for something fortuitous to happen, and, for just about everybody, that’s a long wait. Usually time runs out and that gift from “out of the blue” never comes through, but our bill eventually comes due.

Quoting The Grasshopper: “You came from nothing; you’re returning to nothing. So while you’re here, do something!”

This old adage is also spot on: “Tomorrow is promised to no one.” You can’t borrow time in a tomorrow that may not be there for you.

This isn’t meant to be morose. It’s more of a reminder that our debt will one day be collected, and if all we’ll have to show for it is an unchecked list of wishes, we’ll have cheated ourselves out of a purposeful existence.

If you haven’t already done so, find your purpose. It’s your life’s fulfilling mission. You’ve already spent too much borrowed time hoping’ and wishin’.

Chances are, your purpose is not some fanciful, pie in the sky dream, but more likely it’s something that makes you sing. What’s the thing in your life that always has you croon a happy tune? That’s your purpose – the thing worth borrowing for.

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