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November 4, 2020

What Direction Are You Headed?

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Sign post 5655110 1280Common theory is that there are three directions we can head in: forward, backward, and standing still.

Upon closer inspection, it appears to me there really are only two directions: forward and backward.

Standing still really doesn’t exist. The universe only moves forward, never backward. As humans, when we deny reality, we move backward, and standing still is a middle ground mirage – something we’ve made up. Status quo is really moving backwards because the universe is always moving on.

So the one question we want to ask ourselves is: Am I moving forward or backward?

It’s productive to assess our direction from time to time, to get a glimpse of what our future holds for us if we remain on our current path.

The old axiom comes to mind: “If you don’t know where you are, you can’t get to where you want to go.”

Too often, we use fuzzy logic and assess ourselves as being somewhere where we’re not. This magical thinking labels our direction as forward, rather than looking at the facts on the ground, that when ignored, tether us to the past, not the future.

Just like an investor reviews their portfolio from time to time, it’s productive for us to have an un-fogged “look-in-the-mirror” moment with ourselves, to get an accurate reflection of our current reality.

Final question: Are you evolving or devolving? To move forward, knowing your current location needs solving.

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