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September 13, 2020

Who’s Bored?

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Joshua rawson harris md7cCWYVq9U unsplashYou must live in a cave if you haven’t seen or heard lots of people complaining about being bored during the pandemic.

Years ago, I discovered what boredom was for me, and highly suspect it’s the same for everyone else.

Pure and simple, bored is being bored by your own thoughts.

It’s our thinking that engenders boredom and keeps it alive. I’m more than certain that we’re not going to stop thinking anytime soon, so what’s the solution to boredom? The same remedy that’s effective for any thought based malady: Noticing!

Notice that you’re having thoughts about being bored. Just the simple act of noticing your mind at work causes a pause in your thinking. In that pause is room for a new idea to arise – one that may lead to boredom’s demise.

Noticing puts your thinking on pause and the more noticing you do, the less you’ll be at the mercy of your thinking. It’s in that pause that we make room for something novel and new to come through.

Make it a practice to start noticing your thinking. Notice as an unemotional bystander and you’ll witness your mind at work. What you’ll notice by noticing is that your mind has a mind of it’s own, separate and apart from you.

If you start noticing yourself as the viewer or witness of your thoughts, rather than being associated with them, you can stop being what your thoughts tell you you are.

You are not bored. Your mind is bored with the same thoughts. Interrupt them by noticing, and witness boredom melt and fade away as you cause new thoughts to come your way.

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