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January 15, 2020

It’s Not Adding Up

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Crissy jarvis gdL UZfnD3I unsplash“Life doesn’t add up until you learn how to subtract” – so said The Grasshopper late last night.

To me, life is a trip out and a trip back. The trip out is addition; the trip back is subtraction.

So what is there to go back to? The answer is: who you were before you made all your additions. Let’s call it your raw essence.

There are so many things we add to ourselves over time and many of them are culturally induced. “Keeping up with the Joneses” readily comes to mind.

We add so many things: preferences, prejudices, roles, relationships, and beliefs to name but a few. The list is long.

The idea of subtraction, for most, comes along around midlife. Some embark on that path, but many don’t. It’s a choice point, and too many of us ignore the invitation to head back home. Think of subtraction as removing labels from yourself – kinda’ like peeling off bumper stickers.

What to subtract? – That which was once “important” that no longer earns that label. With each subtraction, we gain deeper perspective as to who we are without all the baggage.

If you are working overtime at remaining “relevant,” you are caught up in addition, and the peace of mind that subtraction brings is absent from your equation.

Think of it this way: Addition is chasing the horizon; subtraction is enjoying the sunset.

Who are you without your additions? You can start finding out now. All you have to do is recognize that a minus sign is a plus.

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