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January 8, 2020

Right Idea, Wrong Day

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Yucel moran ee333RVA0SU unsplashThere was snow in the forecast in my area for this past Monday. As a precaution, I lifted the wiper blades on my car so they wouldn’t get snowed under and frozen to the windshield. As it turned out, it didn’t snow and I lowered the blades yesterday. This morning I woke up to unexpected snow with my wiper blades covered over.

I had the right idea, just on the wrong day. It got me curious about what other ideas get implemented either too soon or, more importantly, too late.

I remember when I turned 50. My dad was still alive and called me to wish me “Happy Birthday.” I remember asking him this: “Dad, you were 50 once, what would you have done differently knowing what you know now?” His answer was immediate: “Save more money.”

Hindsight in 2020 is no more useful than it was in any previous year. I am reminded about a technique I learned years ago that we could all use a bit more. It’s called “Future Pacing.” In short, thinking or planning ahead but with one addition – putting yourself in the picture.

Picture yourself in a future scenario that will come about if you stay on the errant path you’re on. Actually see, hear, and feel what it will be like. Then do the opposite: see, hear, and feel what it will be like if you shift gears now. The feeling you get from either can serve as the catalyst to move you forward.

English sales trainer Phil M. Jones has three questions he asks a client he is “future pacing”:

1. Do you believe this time next year that you’ll be in a better situation than you are today?

2. How are you going to feel when you get there? (evoke emotion)

3. What are the consequences of this not working out?

The wrong day is always tomorrow. Don’t believe me, consult the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin.

The most opportune time to envision your future is always now. What you envision and act on now increases your odds of arriving there. Vowing to act tomorrow only creates more yesterdays.

The right idea and the right day is today. Are you going to act on it or let it slip away?

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