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April 19, 2018

Never Had

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ChecklistI had a list of things pop into my mind the other day: a list of things I never had.

I never had a . . .

• hole in one

• fish taco

• parent who read to me

• music recital

• turkey burger

Then I really had to put on my thinking cap to come up with more “never hads.” It was then that it occurred to me that my list of the things I DID experience was vast and ongoing.

This may fall in the category of gratitude but I think it’s even
deeper than that. I think it’s a realization that we can get focused on the smaller picture and get stuck.

The bigger picture is more encompassing and leads to brighter moments, brighter thoughts and more options.

The bigger picture includes not only “had” but also “have.” That’s why it’s ongoing and filled with movement rather than stagnation.

I encourage you to shift into “have” mode any time you think you’re missing something. It’s from this frame of mind that overlooked puzzle pieces appear and complete a bigger picture.

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