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August 24, 2017


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HoleOn Throwback Thursday, here’s a blogpost from 7 years ago that I’m grateful I found.

“You cannot be whole with a hole in your soul.”

Wholeness is a completion; having a gap in your soul leaves you feeling incomplete.

Having a hole translates to a feeling that something is missing; wholeness heals all wounds and leaves us with an unmistakable feeling that everything is taken care of.

You can’t fill the hole in your soul. It has to fill itself.

You facilitate the process when you focus on what’s here rather than what’s missing.

Anyone can be an expert on what’s missing in their life; few fully realize what they already have.

When you take the time to count your current inventory, you get a finer appreciation of what’s already in stock. It’s like finding a treasure that’s been hidden in the attic for years.

The appreciation of current inventory, gratefulness, engenders more of that feeling which leads you to wholeness.

You cannot reach wholeness when your focus is on what you don’t have.

If you’re in a ditch, no more attention need be brought to that fact. It’s an obvious circumstance that doesn’t need constant restating.

The first step towards extrication is to focus on the resources you do have.

You do have the ability to take stock every day. It’s the inventory method, as the old song says, where you count your blessings instead of sheep.

The way out of a hole is not harping on that you’re in one. That only keeps your solution out of reach.

Use your gift of focus to zero in on what you’re appreciative of, and witness your hole become whole.

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