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August 3, 2017

Morning Upsets

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UpsetI just made a discovery about me and I’m wondering if it applies to you too.

After I awaken and finally clear the cobwebs of sleep, my mind generates a list of things I’m upset about. I won’t bore you with my list because you probably have your own.

What an awful way to start the day.

This practice sets the tone for our day and we, unknowingly, filter the rest of our day through the prism of upset.

Some people sense this upset and countermand it with a ritual that changes their focus. Some say morning prayers, others write in a gratitude journal, some engage in a mind calming practice, but most do nothing.

Another way to mitigate the upsets is to notice them, as I did this morning.

My list, left unchecked, would have grown exponentially and would have colored my whole day gray.

When you next awaken, notice what thoughts are popping into your mind. Don’t beat yourself up about having them. Just notice them.

Yesterday I offered a meditation you can do anytime, anywhere called, “I’m in my head.” I have just discovered the best time to do that meditation is upon awakening.

Just noticing your thoughts at the beginning of the day takes away their power to influence you. By noticing, you change from being the effect of your thoughts to being the cause.

Noticing your upsets at the beginning of the day gives them less chance to influence how you’ll spend the time from when you awaken until you once again hit the hay.

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