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February 22, 2017

Truth to Power

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HornetThere is a new media buzzphrase that has me reacting as though I’ve been stung by a wasp: “Truth to Power.”

My 1st reaction when I hear the term is “Buzz off!”

First of all, the people who use it wouldn’t recognize truth if it stung them in the ass.

Real truth has no opposite. What most people offer as the truth is “their truth.” That’s better known as an opinion. When someone offers opinion as truth, my internal beehive stops making honey and I want to send out the air force with stinger missiles.

To calm myself down, I automatically translate the phrase “Truth to Power” to “Facts to Power.” When someone is speaking “Facts to Power,” it removes opinion from the information being delivered.

I’m defining facts as does my dictionary: “A thing that is indisputably the case.”

Side note: There is nothing alternate about a fact. “The gun fired” is a fact that’s verifiable and undeniable and has no opposite.

“Your truth” only works for someone who is immune to the facts. I request that we all label our opinions as opinions and let the facts stand on their own. Then we will be more powerful and “truthful” worker bees rather than a hive of jive.

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