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February 15, 2017

$$$ Envy

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EnvyI’ve come across it too many times in my life not to consider it a widespread phenomenon – Money Envy.

Perhaps you are one of the people who disparage people of means. I know I used to be. Then I adopted a new attitude years ago when I heard someone say, “Don’t envy, emulate.”

Money Envy is a conditioned attitude that takes many forms and they all seem to have one thing in common – diminishment of the person with money.

“Oh yeah, I could look fit too if I had the money to hire a personal chef.” May I remind you that Oprah had a personal chef. We all know she has money and we all know she’s been obese better than 90% of her adult life. The assertion would be wrong on both counts when considering Oprah’s wealth and results.

The limiting belief seems to be that people with money don’t have problems and it’s a result of them having money. One thought that occurred to me recently is that rich people just have more expensive problems.

It’s my experience that this mindset of Money Envy will keep you from having money. I’ve noticed that people with this attitude are forever struggling with finances.

Putting down people who have $$$ won’t lift you to their level; it will only keep you stuck on the financial rung of the ladder you’re on.

Emulating people of “means” means that you find out what their attitude about money is and adopt that attitude.

My observation about that attitude is this: Most of the wealthy people I’ve known have a greater respect for money than their struggling counterparts. Just look at the ever-present stories of lottery winners, singers, actors and sports figures who blow through their fortune and wind up back where they were. They didn’t respect money; they just wasted it.

Rich people don’t waste money.

This isn’t a money making course. There are plenty of them out there to follow if you choose. This is a reminder to pay some mind to your attitude about money and the people who have it. Just a slight adjustment in your angle of view will open your mind to more $$$ options for you.

Final thought: When you emulate, you adopt a new approach and a new vocabulary. You then start rhyming with a more abundant attitude. Notice that envy doesn’t rhyme with anything.

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