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September 23, 2016

Magical Moments

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BeachesWhen we remember wonderful times from places from our past, they qualify as magic moments. Here’s the trick: The magic is in the moment, not in the location.

When our boys were young, my wife and I took them on vacation to the beaches in New Jersey that both of us visited every summer of our youth. Ask any of our now adult children where the “best” beaches are, they will all say New Jersey.

They’ve been to many other celebrated beaches around the world, but Jersey beaches are deemed the best. Are they? Not really. I love them too but the source of this love is the magic moments spent at the location, not the location itself.

The reminder here is to pay more attention to the moment we’re in. That’s the secret to making moments magical.

When we’re immersed in the moment, the amount of ease and comfort we experience acts as a calming and warming influence. When we attempt to escape from the moment, the amount of unease we feel is turbulently palpable.

Here’s my experience: Creativity and calm come out of magical moments. Confusion and chaos come from moments we’re attempting to escape.

Even moments that are unpleasant need to be experienced. It’s the immersion in the moment that will help metabolize the waves of angst and morph them into calmer seas.

There really is magic. It’s found in a moment. I wonder how soon you’ll take a moment to experience the magic.

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