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September 21, 2016

Believe It or Not

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Look what I found in the attic on Throwback Thursday: (oops, I mean Wayback Wednesday).

Beliefs Are Paintings In Your MindGrasshopper

If you want to show someone the contents of your mind, put your beliefs on display. It’s kinda’ like your personal art show.

We attempt to make our beliefs into solid things. That’s like pretending that the mountain in our painting is a real thing instead of a representation. Beliefs are representations of repeated experiences that made their way onto our internal canvas.

Beliefs are no more real than an artist’s rustic rendition being a real log cabin in a pine forest.

We operate in accordance with our beliefs so they must be real, right? Acupuncturists bring people relief by putting small needles into points on the body called meridians that they believe are really inside the body, yet no autopsy has found a meridian or a belief.

That proves that beliefs can be real useful and helpful, but it does not make them real.

People argue for their beliefs everyday, some go to war over them. This is when our beliefs go amok.

The real part of beliefs is that we live in accordance with the ones we have painted or were painted for us. That means our behavior will follow our beliefs.

We act as though we live in the solid house we have painted on a canvas. When we grasp the concept that what we have painted is not real, we are a step closer to examining our beliefs and finding the ones that are working for us, and the ones that aren’t.

Look at the issue of gay marriage. You either believe in it or you don’t. The belief is a not a real thing but we treat it as though it is. Observe the number of people whose beliefs are changing on the topic. They have noticed that their beliefs aren’t solid things, just representations on a canvas. You can change the shape, size or color of your belief with a brush stroke or two.

Are you having a hard time selling your painting? It may be time to examine it a bit more closely and see what refinements it could use. If you believe it’s a real masterpiece the way it is, it will only hang in your museum and few, if any, will come to see it.

You can use your beliefs to paint the town red or paint yourself into a corner. If you find yourself doing the latter more often, your beliefs aren’t working for you and could use a fresh coat of paint.

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