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June 16, 2016

Is Better Best?

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Here’s a Throwback Thursday quote from The Grasshopper from many Thursdays ago:

“Good, Better, Best” Are Words That Cause Unrest – Grasshopper

Who was the best boxer, ice skater, swimmer, artist, singer, actor, guitarist, photographer, philosopher . . . ? Who’s better at (fill in the blank)? What’s a good place to go to eat? All of these questions have multiple answers and they often provide fuel for countless fires.

“Good, Better, Best” can start discussions that often end up as arguments. That’s because they elicit opinions, and opinions are often considered facts by the people offering them.

Just monitor your own conversations and notice how often you offer a “Good, Better, Best” opinion and then notice how the conversation becomes a competition.

There is a workaround. Eliminate “Good, Better, Best” from your questions and responses and replace them with preferences and report on your personal experience.

“The ribs I enjoyed the most were from a place called JR’s in Baton Rouge, Louisiana” is less likely to start a fire than “The absolute best ribs are from JR’s in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.”

Can you see the difference?

When you report on your experience without “Good, Better, Best” you are less likely to stir up unrest.

If you really want someone’s opinion, there is no problem with a “Good, Better, Best” question. But it’s a useful practice to notice how often “Good, Better, Best” leads you down a path of escalation.

I think this is a good way to lead your life for better results and the best possible outcomes. “Them is fightin’ words.”

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