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February 15, 2016

Prized Real Estate

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Empty spaceHere is something I wrote 5 years ago that was relevant 500 years ago and will be 500 years from now:

“The Most Prized Real Estate Contains No Land” – Grasshopper

Pure and simple, the most prized treasure is space – the one between your thoughts.

All that we seek, all that we long for is closer than our next thought which most often only tells us what we’re missing.

“If only I had money” is an impoverishing thought.

“If I wasn’t fat” will keep you hungry.

“If I could live my life over again” takes you back over barren fields.

The land of thought is overpopulated and the wise investor will begin investing in space.

The space between your thoughts is the rich land of creation. It’s here that you will find that vast expanse called “peace of mind.”

It’s in this space that all creation happens. It’s not for sale but everyone is entitled to as much as they want. This space is limitless.

Space makes room for new creations, new ideas and unlimited angles of approach. It’s in this space that what you desire takes shape.

Thinking things through is the exact opposite of creating space. You’re a smart person; how many times do you need to go over the same facts to come up with the same roadblocks to peace?

How do you create space? Begin to notice that your thoughts are thinking you. They’re the exact same ones you had yesterday, last week, last month or a zillion years ago.

When you notice your thought machine in action, you create a tiny space. It’s a mini meditation. Repeated often enough, this practice begins to automate itself and you find that you have more peace of mind and are more creative.

Repetitive thinking takes up space and crowds your mind. All you have to do to free up some space is to notice your thoughts. Once you get more adept at noticing, one of the first discoveries you’ll make is that you’ve been engaging in debate with a tape recorder all these years. Guess who won?

One of the great uses of our mind is in assessing and assembling facts. This is not repetitive thinking. It’s using your gift of intellect to arrange something from raw materials. Thinking becomes repetitive when you go over the same stale facts again. That’s when it’s time to get some breathing room.

Just notice that your thoughts are looping around again. When you notice, you find the exit ramp to the real estate of treasured space.

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