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December 3, 2015

No Agenda

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No AgendaI wonder what it’s like to enter an interaction with no agenda? It’s something we rarely do but I wonder how much more deeply we would affect each other if we did it more often.

Try it out in low risk situations and see what happens. My guess is you will get out of your head for a bit (which is always a good thing) and have more welcome sensations in your body.

Your “no agenda” interaction can begin with “Hi” and then see where it goes from there. Let the experience guide you rather than you guiding the experience.

I realize we have to give up the illusion of control to have this “no agenda” approach do its magic, but the end result casts a spell over our mental quell (which comes from the German word for torture).

Make it a “No Agenda Thursday” and see what you get. My guess is you’ll find a lot less things about which to fret.

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