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April 27, 2015

Philosophy vs. Ideology

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PhilosopherI was wondering aloud if there was a difference between philosophy and ideology and, for me, there is.

It may be a small distinction but one worth our curiosity.

For me philosophy is our thoughts about “the way it is” and ideology seems to be about “the way it should be.”

Both positions can’t be substantiated with any degree of certainty but that doesn’t prevent us from having a philosophy or an ideology.

It feels to me as though ideology is more concrete and philosophy is a bit more porous. I also feel that one’s philosophy can be changed more quickly than our ideology.

I sense that philosophy has a set of premises at its base and ideology has a foundation of rules.

One seems more malleable than the other. Changing your philosophy is changing your own mind. Changing your ideology means changing the rules and that takes a committee.

My sense is that having an ideology boxes you in and a philosophy gives you a way out.

Of course, what I have offered you here is a philosophy – a way out of an ideology.

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