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April 8, 2015

Peevish People

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C475183 mRather than list a bunch of pet peeves, I decided to go one step further and list the people who perform these acts as “people I don’t want to know.”

This isn’t an exhaustive list but could easily serve as the Top 10 of PEOPLE I DON’T WANT TO KNOW.

I don’t want to know you if . . .

1. You leave your grocery cart in the parking lot right next to your car and then pull away. What I pray is that someone else who does the same thing leaves their carriage near your car on a windy day.

2. You yell at your spouse/lover/significant other in public.

3. You list all the medications you are taking and want to talk about them.

4. You go door-to-door pedaling your religion.

5. You invented the Robocall.

6. You don’t flush toilets.

7. Your favorite movie is Rocky V.

8. You constantly argue for your limitations.

9. You drive in the passing lane at the speed limit.

10. You tell me you know how I feel.

I’m sure I missed a few, so don’t be shy and add some of yours to the list.

I’m guessing this listing says more about me and my prejudices than it does about the people who perform these acts. Either way, If you’re one of these folks, please don’t ask me to come out and play.

All the best,


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