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October 31, 2014

Election Day Strategy

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C559800 mI’ve come up with a new election day strategy that I’ll be using on Tuesday.

It’s an elegant strategy that only has you ask yourself one question before you pull the lever for or put a pencil mark next to a candidate’s name.

I came up with this strategy while watching TV ads featuring the candidates or seeing them in a debate. The best news about this strategy is that you really don’t need to know their party affiliation or position on any topic to make your choice.

If you vote a straight ticket, this strategy won’t appeal to you because you’ll be too lazy to employ it.

I know there’s a bumper sticker strategy out there already that says, “Vote the Candidate.” That may get you to vote for a person you like or vote for them because they’ve adopted a position you agree with, but that’s not a guarantee they’ll perform well when in office.

My strategy doesn’t guarantee their performance either, but I’m certain the odds are better for them doing so if you use this strategy.

So what’s the one question you’ll want to ask about a candidate before you vote for them? It’s simple. Just ask yourself, “Would I follow them up a hill?”

If the answer is “yes,” vote for them. If the answer is “no,” don’t. If you wouldn’t follow either of the candidates up a hill, don’t vote for either one.

An unquestionable experience I own in life is this: The people who will disappoint you the most are the people who don’t follow through.

Based on that philosophy, Would I follow them up a hill? will get you more leaders who will follow up when they get to Capitol Hill.

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