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September 19, 2014

Their Way

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C455270 mI wonder how many people will come upon their twilight years and sing, “I did it their way.”

Frank Sinatra would turn over in his grave.

There is only so much “go along to get along” a person can take before it takes its toll.

There has to be something in it for you otherwise you’ll end up in a perpetual stew.

I’m not addressing “my way or the highway” here; just strongly suggesting that you lay claim to the notion that you’re important enough not to be impotent.

Helplessness is only conditioning; you weren’t born with it. At some point you will have to make a choice to recondition yourself or resign yourself to do it their way.

This isn’t about rebellion; it’s more about waking up from sleepwalking down someone else’s path.

Begin to get curious about your path. Just opening your eyes to the idea that there is another way takes you a step closer to your way.

Be willing to entertain the concept that there is a way for you. You don’t have to “figure it out” – just be open to the idea that there is a way for you. It’s this willingness to be open that wakes you up to open doors.

My claim is that discoveries are really “uncoveries.” That means they’ve been there all along, just covered over. Your way has been there all along too; you just have to wipe the sleep out of your eyes to see it.

Be willing to be open to your way. Before long, this mindset will have you singing a different tune.

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