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May 21, 2014

Perfect Day

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C311256 mHave you ever had the occasion to envision the “perfect day”? It’s a day that goes exactly as you gloriously planned.

I have daydreamed about that day as well but, for me, it’s never gone according to plan. That’s because other people and reality are involved and neither got the memo about my perfect day. Even if they did, they have their own plans.

Perfection becomes an exercise in bending reality to our will – Control.

Here’s a little known secret: every day is a perfect day – one that’s out of our control and never goes according to plan.

Perfection is what happens; imperfect is what we plan.

Does that mean to stop daydreaming and stop planning? No, both are tools that help shape your efforts. The key is to have another tool in your toolbox – Response. It’s the one tool that can smooth over the bumps of planned perfection.

Reminds me of a story . . . Had the occasion to talk with someone on the phone the other day about a position in our company. There were many questions that went back and forth and things were going as “planned.” Then the person on the other end received an answer that was unexpected. You could hear the disappointment in their voice at the answer. There was lots more ground to cover about the position and we did, but the life did not return to their voice. They were not able to respond to a piece of unplanned information. The job requires someone who can respond to the moment, not get caught up in it. The same is true for life.

If you are caught up in your plans, you will encounter even more unplanned circumstances lying in wait. I’m reminded of what my friend Doug O’Brien told me about space rockets on their way to wherever: they are off course over 90% of the time. Part of the plan is course correction. It’s the necessary tool for every successful launch.

Whether you’re planning on going to the moon or planning the perfect get-to-gether, leave room in your tool kit for response. It’s the perfect tool for a “perfect day.”

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