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May 13, 2014

Robbing the Moment

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C413512 mThe Grasshopper warned of a stickup the other day when he said, “When you rob yourself of this moment, you rob yourself of life itself.”

Are you forever looking back over your life? Are you continually musing on what your life should be? Whether looking back or projecting forward, you are robbing yourself of the only time life can happen – right now!

Life happens in every moment but if we’re not there to witness it, the past or future has picked our pocket again.

A moment doesn’t need to be momentous to feel life. Just stop at any portion of your day and honor the moment you happen to be in. Do that by feeling the sensations in your body the moment has to offer. That’s the feeling of being alive.

We deaden ourselves to our aliveness and open the door to robbery by being anywhere but where we are.

If you seek to feel your aliveness, it can’t be felt in the past or future. It can only be felt now. Your body is a “right now” feeling apparatus.

Right now there is aliveness in you. Every moment of every day, your aliveness is available. If you are shopping in the past or future looking for the “real deal,” your aliveness will be shoplifted while you’re looking for a “steal.”

Protect yourself from falling victim to robbery by noticing this moment and the sensations it has to offer. Your reward will be an aliveness the past or future cannot offer.

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