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December 10, 2013

Dream Come True

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C618259 mWhat do you do when your dream comes true?

There are a lot of answers that come up for me but two grab the spotlight.

1. Enjoy the moment.

2. Start working on a new dream.

“Enjoy the moment” seems to be the easier of the two. Let’s call it the “Honeymoon Effect.” Everything looks, sounds, smells, feels and tastes better. What’s not to enjoy?

“Start working on a new dream” may seem counter-intuitive, especially when you are rapt in the euphoric moment; but soon after, it’s time for the next dream to begin.

I’m reminded of what my friend and media consultant, Holland Cooke offered at one of his seminars: “The day you get your new job is the day to begin writing your new resumè.”

My personal experience is that when you stop dreaming, you start becoming stale.

Let me separate “Dream” from “Daydream.” Dream has a plan attached; daydreams are like couch potatoes aimlessly floating from one cloud to another.

Dreams get your creative juices flowing in a direction, rather than just sitting there as potential.

Have you stopped dreaming? If so, you have put limits on what’s possible for you.

Your dream’s destination is really the starting point for a new dream. Working on a new dream will keep you fresh for a lifetime.

Dream as big as you dare, and keep working on your dream. It will take stale air and make it clean.

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