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November 5, 2010

Going, Going, Gone?

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Something has left the building and I’m not certain it’s coming back.

Perhaps it’s cyclical and will return, but my sense is it’s on death’s doorstep and circling the drain.

Traditionally we have seen it wane in difficult times and have witnessed its rebirth when the smoke cleared, but my sense is not this time.

We don’t recognize the demise because it’s insidious and sneaks up on us.

What is about to leave this planet and leave us less civil? (please cue Aretha Franklin)


Respect for our fellow man is at an all time low and the bar is getting lower.

I’m not sure even Tinker Bell can save respect.

I wouldn’t even attempt to cite the reasons for its downfall because they would fill up libraries. (For younger readers: That’s where you go for peace and quiet to read your Kindle or iPad)

I would offer a remedy but I’m fresh out of ideas.

It’s time to call the family and say “Goodbye.”

Who among us will deliver the eulogy?

Perhaps no one can because dementia has universally set in and we can’t remember what respect was like.

I wish I could be more upbeat and point to a silver lining, but since respect has been subject to caustic elements for so long, I believe it’s tarnished beyond repair.

I can’t officially pronounce its death because that would be disrespectful of your ability to resuscitate it.

If that’s something you want to attempt, you have my undying respect.

All the best,



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