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July 29, 2009


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We’ve all been exposed to enough bad TV to have heard this phrase during a robbery scene: “Your money or your life.”

If we are presented with this type of choice, the choice we make is to give up almost anything but our life.

The choice seems so clear cut, so obvious, yet it doesn’t play out that way in our everyday life.

On a daily basis we choose anything but our life.

We can easily see the logic of this crucial choice during a formal intervention where family members, close friends and counselors caucus to present this choice to someone taking dangerous amounts of drugs or washing their life away with alcohol – “Your drugs or your life!”

Life has two definitions – Your life story and the life force that animates you.

The life we hang on to is our life story and the one we give up is our animating force.

When you clutch your life story so tightly, you constrict the amount of life force that can flow through you.

When someone takes themselves below consciousness on a regular basis by acting stupidly with alcohol, they have chosen the justification of their life story over the force of life. Watch someone who drinks to the point of numbness transform before your very eyes. You witness their life force drain as they choose their life story again.

The real choice for all of us is this: Your story or your life!

What are you giving up your life for? Is it really worth it?

The only question you have to answer is: “Does the choice you make give you more life or less life?”

If you choose to hang on to anger, you have chosen anger over life. If you choose to hold on to a grudge, you have given up your life for a feeling of resentment. If you choose to add to the façade you show to the world, you have given up your life for superficiality.

In order for life to flow through you, you have to let go of your life story – the justification you make for choosing diminishment over the infusion of life.

Look at how life flows into your passion; watch how it drains from your addiction.

We become addicted to our life story, and by doing so, we keep our life force from flowing.

Allowing life to fully animate us is our life’s mission. We began our life that way and then lost our way. The trip back begins by letting go of our life’s story.

So the real life choice is this: “Your story or your life?”

I encourage you to pick quickly, because the choice becomes less obvious each day that you keep life away.

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