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July 28, 2009

What Am I Missing?

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When we ask the question, “What am I missing?” we become aware of our failure to notice.

Some people have an uncanny knack for noticing things. They’re called detectives.

It’s time to hire a private eye if you keep asking yourself, “What am I missing?”

The good news is that sleuth is already on staff, we just don’t use them often enough.

Our personal Columbo becomes activated when we remember that we have a part of us that notices.

What this observant part of us notices best is what’s going on in the moment. It notices our behavior while it’s happening. The thing we most often miss is our own behavior. Behavior is what determines what happens in our life.

Behavior is what delivers results or lack thereof.

Our behavior is often hidden from our view. We have a tendency to project this hidden behavior onto others and make it their issue rather than our own. The reason we don’t see the behavior in ourselves is because we are not paying attention to what we do. We have completely given our focus to what others are doing.

Therapist and philosopher, Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.”

Jung was letting us know that we don’t notice our behavior and there’s a price for not doing so.

Most of what we do goes on outside of conscious awareness. We just don’t have the capacity to pay conscious attention to everything. Attempting to do so would overload our abilities and keep us playing catch up. That’s called control.

It’s not necessary to notice everything. It’s just necessary to notice that we have the ability to notice.

Every time we remember to apply our observational skills to ourselves, we shine the light of awareness on our behavior. The net effect is we notice the origin of what causes things to happen or not happen in our life. We now have something to work towards rather than mulling over the mystery of “What’s missing?”

It’s hard to work on a problem area in your life if you don’t notice it. Personal problems have behavior attached. Begin to activate your ability to notice your own behavior more often and watch the missing pieces of the puzzle start to jump out at you.

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