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May 3, 2022

A Godly Belief

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Hands gb2e692ac9 1920Have you ever been asked the question, “Do you believe in God?” Many people have. But few have been asked the question: Does God believe in you?

Are you his faithful servant or not? It really has no bearing on the answer to, “Does God believe in you?”

Take a leap of faith with me and imagine there’s a life force common to us all that comes from one source. You can call the source God if you like, or any other name you’re comfortable with. Further imagine, that force within you not only sustains your life but also affects your life situation.

Think of it as electricity. Will the current generated by this force electrocute you or light a path forward? It depends on where you direct its energy.

It’s helpful for you to adopt the believe that there is a creative force in order to use it to your best advantage, otherwise you’ll be at the mercy of the gods.

Now that you’ve entertained the idea of having creative, internal resources, how do you get God to believe in you?

Simply, by making requests and waiting for answers. Request that this part of you guide and enlighten you, and trust that answers will come your way. It’s the trust in the process that will produce results. You’ll know for sure that God believes in you when you start seeing more of your desires come true.

It’s important to note that this request process is a quiet undertaking. It’s not a constant plea on bended knee. To get in touch with your creative source, you’ve got to get quiet and calm the riot in your mind. It’s your thoughts about not being creative enough or not being deserving of getting what you want that stops the inventive process right in its tracks. Let’s just say that God doesn’t believe in a person with a crowded mind.

Think of God as an open spaces kind of gal or guy that operates best when you hang your critical thoughts out to dry.

To prove to yourself that God believes in you, here’s what to do:

1. Pretend something more powerful than you exists.

2. Quietly request what you think is best.

3. Trust that an answer will come.

Do you believe in God? Is not the question you should be asking. Quietly ask for God’s help to find out for certain that he, she, (or the pronoun of your choice), believes in you.

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