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February 28, 2022

What’s The Jukebox Playing?

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Jukebox g257ec0b12 1280One of the biggest blunders we make in life is assuming we are the thoughts in our head.

We identify our thoughts as us and with just a little inspection of this belief, we find out we’ve been duped.

Just take a moment and observe the thoughts going on in your mind. What you’ll notice is they are the same type of thoughts you’ve had before, and they just repeat themselves over the years. They may dress up in a brand new suit of clothes, but when you disrobe them, they’re the same old thoughts you’ve had for a lifetime.

These thoughts aren’t you. They’re old songs playing on a jukebox in your mind. The real you is the part of you that notices that these are songs of the past, pretending to be you.

One of the great songs of the 60s is called, “It’s The Same Old Song” by The Four Tops – a Motown group: I suggest you let that title remind you of what’s playing in your mind.

The key to stop identifying with the thoughts in your mind is to start catching yourself thinking. That’s called observing your mind at work. When you catch yourself thinking, ask, “What song is the jukebox playing?”

If you sit back and listen for a moment, you’ll recognize it as a tune you’ve played countless times before. Just by noticing it’s the jukebox playing, you’ll disengage from the long-held belief that you’re the jukebox and all its old songs.

Want to stop playing the same old ditties and not hum along? Notice it’s the jukebox playing, and before long you’ll be singing a different song.

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Hear the recorded version below.

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