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January 28, 2022

Uncommon Courtesy

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Angry man gdb82eb829 1920The Grasshopper joined me on my swim this morning and opined this: “Common courtesy has become uncommon.”

Maybe it’s just me but I’ve been noticing a lot less courtesy in everyday life. It seems to be everywhere: on the highway, at the grocery store, at shopping centers, restaurants, not to mention on mass transportation and on airplanes.

Yesterday, I witnessed two different cars get cut off in traffic at different times. Normally, what I witnessed in the past was people letting other people into the flow of traffic. Not now. That courtesy has left town and I’m not sure it’s ever coming back.

Also yesterday, I witnessed a man in the supermarket break out into a rant when he walked by the refrigerated orange juice section and noticed the selection was sparse. He directed his his high volume comment in an agitated and insulting tone to a store employee and said, “This shouldn’t be happening in America.”

I’m guessing the cause of peoples’ angst is being cooped up again due to pandemic protocols, but, hey, everybody’s in the same boat. It’s no excuse to leave your manners at home.

I guess the answer to this situation is the same advice we receive when we can’t change the world. That is: do your part and change your little corner of it.

Perhaps, we’ll soon discover that we’re all the common man or woman, and that common courtesy will make a triumphant return. I’m hoping that’s the case, but it’s nothing I’m betting on.

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