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December 30, 2021

The Energy Of America

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Makeup ge8d0ee2c3 1920I was struck with the thought the other day that America exudes the most energy of any nation on earth. Any nationalism aside, it seems to be an accurate observation. I think most folks around the globe would agree.

So, it got me to wondering. What is that energy? The Grasshopper popped in and offered this: “The energy of America is selling you something.”

It seems we’re always selling something. We’re like the salesperson who can’t turn it off, even when quarantined or on holiday.

That energy or propensity to sell is what drives America.

I’m only guessing here but I’d wager America has the most home-based businesses per capita than anywhere else I can think of.

It’s that passion to sell that makes us excel.

But before this turns into a Tony Robbins seminar, let me say there is a downside to this perpetual sell. Namely, we think if we stop selling, we’ll stop breathing. So, we continue past our “sell by” date, and it causes our energy to dissipate. We needlessly wear ourselves out.

The recommendation is not to stop selling; it’s to know when to turn it off and tune in to what’s right in front of you. Learn to appreciate your needs and stop peddling what others need for just a moment. Take the time to immerse yourself in the sublime and lose track of time and reclaim your energy in the process.

Don’t worry that we’ll lose our place on the world stage when you turn it off. There’ll be more than enough of your neighbors that won’t heed this message. Have no fear, they’ll keep the Sell-A-Thon in high gear.

Gee, I hope I’ve made the sale. But it’s time for me to bail and take a walk down the inner peace trail.

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