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December 7, 2021

Dear Santa

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Christmas card g110ee7cc4 1920Dear Santa,

I’m not at a loss as to what to ask for this year because I want so much.

At the top of my list is this: Can you get the media to cease the 24/7 bombardment of Covid-19 and “variant” news? Can we get a cease fire on this for the holidays, Santa?

Speaking of the media, please have them stop labeling everything as “Breaking News.” Most often, it broke a long time ago. BREAKING NEWS: Toddler knocks over Christmas tree. Let’s go to our reporter on the scene.

And Santa, this is just a curiosity question, but has any worker behind the deli counter ever said, “Is a little under OK?”

And finally, I’m not sure you have any sway on my last request but if you do, please have the New England Patriots and The Tampa Bay Buccaneers be in the Super Bowl this year? I’d be rooting for “Team Tommy” but I’m loving what “Team Bill” has done with the Patriots, and what’s not to like about their quarterback Mac Jones?

Thanks, for reading my letter, Santa. I hope you, Rudolph, and the gang have eaten your Wheaties because I’m sure you’ll be unloading tons of merchandise from the cargo ships.

Merry Christmas,

(LJ) Little Johnnie

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