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January 12, 2021

There Is No “I” In “We”

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Board 1820678 1920One of our collective shortcomings is this: We are so invested in our “I-ness” that we are blinded to the ever-present fact that we are all connected. There is an animating life force that infuses us all. It’s the same in all of us. When that force departs and goes wherever it goes, “I” no longer exists.

Yes, we all have an individual identity and our differences define us as unique personalities. That fact does not divorce us from the collective “We.” We are inseparably one. Think of our “we-ness” as being the sun and our individuality as being its rays.

Losing sight of “We” often causes us to demean, discount, or do harm to others. When we buy into the separateness of “I,” it’s like putting a bomb on an airplane we’re a passenger on. We also destroy ourselves in the process.

The narcissism of “I” gets us to turn a blind eye to “We,” and drives a wedge between you and me.

Every religion I’m aware of preaches some version of “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” It would behoove us all to revisit our holy books and bone up on that teaching. Otherwise, you and me may never return to “We.”

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