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December 8, 2020

Bottoms Up

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Couch potatoes 3116580 1920The Grasshopper offered up this piece of wisdom this morning: “Directives may come from the top down but solutions come from the bottom up.”

In management, I often heard the phrase “Shit floats downhill.” That meant the big boss had spoken and we were to execute, no questions asked. It also meant that if you wanted to get a coworker’s participation on your idea, you often had to get the boss’s ear first. That’s because some would not pitch in unless the order came from on high.

Taking each of those scenarios into account, we are still left with the reality of how the work gets done – from the bottom up.

That’s how change happens – from the bottom up, or as I like to say, “from the inside out.”

When we get the spark of a great idea or the urge to make changes, that prompt is coming from inside. Our creative self is knocking on our door with news of a treasure trove. It’s as though it’s saying, “There’s gold in them thar hills.” It then becomes our job to map out an action strategy and follow it to fruition.

Make no mistake, the worker bee does the outside work. You can’t wish your way to a conclusion or wait for someone else to do it. Taking action is your only route. It’s like one of my teachers said, “no one can go to the bathroom for you.”

Going inside (quieting your mind) is a proven way to generate creativity. You’ll be flooded with new ideas when you empty your mind. When we come back outside, action is our ally.

Long ago, I heard something like this: “You wouldn’t have been given the seed of a good idea unless the plan of action was contained in it.”

So the recommendation is this: Go inside for guidance and then plan an outside course of action. The course may contain obstacles, most of them do, but it’s applied action that will overcome them and see you through.

I guess the “bottom line” is this: Get off your ass to get what your want, or more politely stated, “Bottoms up.”

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