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October 15, 2020


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The HookThe word “Stale” popped into my mind this morning, but it appeared as an acronym – S.T.A.L.E. I have no idea what it means, so let me explore it on the fly.

S. So Yesterday.

T. Tired

A. All Washed Up

L. Laborious

E. Exit

Let’s go a little bit deeper.

S. I think of the once popular comedian who has no new material and is dependent on the laurels he is now sleeping on. The only people in the audience are the fans of the days of yore. To everyone else he’s a bombastic bore.

T. Totally trite with lots of bark but no bite.

A. Shrunk from way too many washings. What once fit has now been reduced to a size that reveals what’s really underneath.

L. It takes them a long time to get to a cogent point while meandering all over the joint.

E. Back in the days of vaudeville, when you were bombing on stage, they brought out the hook to yank you off, which meant there was no chance you would ever get rebooked.

I believe this STALE acronym is a reminder to inspect our own act, not just that of another. The question is: Are we sailing towards port or are we a ship without a rudder?

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