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October 7, 2020

The Transition from “Back in the Day” is Underway

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Markus spiske iOE0qBkioc unsplashIf you have adult children with families of their own, you may not yet be aware of the change that has taken place. Even if you don’t have children, but you are of a certain age, this change has affected you as well.

What is this transition? Here’s how I capsulize it. “Our children used to live in our world; we now live in theirs.”

This may be especially hard to swallow if you are a “Baby Boomer.” The boomers were the driving force behind major shifts in the way we do things in this world. They are a large swath of the population used to doing things “their” way, more so than any other generation. “Their” way has been “the” way for longer than any other age group, so the amount of resistance they display to change is no surprise.

This shift has been going on for a while. The transfer of power is almost complete, being slowed only a bit by many of this aging generation who are dragging their feet.

The handwriting is on the wall and these folks know how to read, but denial won’t allow them to comprehend. I’m a proud member of this generation and in the past have been reluctant to accept the unrelenting future.

We are living in a different world that has snuck up on us like any other insidious change. Resistance only gives change persistence.

Even a mega power broker like Don Corleone, the Godfather, ceded control of “the way” to his son, who went in a different direction to get things done.

You do have a choice: you can circle the wagons and pontifically preach and pray that your way is the right way, OR get a clue that the way it is, is no longer dictated by you.

It’s this simple: Rant and rave to the grave about your way, or start to see the world you lived in has had its day.

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