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September 18, 2020

Update Your Like To Love

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Chris lawton 5IHz5WhosQE unsplashI’m sure I’m not the only one to notice this but on Facebook more women than men use the love ❤️ response.

Is it manly not to love something?

There’s something in our culture that prevents a man from expressing his genuine feelings. That’s sad.

I’ll spare you the “Venus/Mars” analogy because you’ve heard it too many times. What you may not have heard or considered as often is how powerful conditioning is.

Your intellect may now buy into something you’ve opposed in the past but your conditioning keeps your emotional responses (sensations) in place.

You may lobby for something you lobbied against 10 years ago but notice if your sensations have caught up with your intellectual enlightenment or not. If you’re anything like me, they probably haven’t yet.

What to do? The best answer I have is “Sit with the sensation.”

We tend to try and chase away a feeling when it opposes our intellectual stance. We generate negative conversations about how awful we are for having such a feeling and tell it to go away. That never works!

Feelings needn’t be judged; they need to be noticed. Notice where they show up in your body. Once you notice the location of the feeling, put all your attention on that area of your body. That’s what I’m calling “sitting with the sensation.” You’ll have to do this a lot more more than once to update your feelings, but the practice has lasting results.

Your whole metamorphosis (body and mind) to your new way of thinking will come about when you discover that transformation happens from the inside out.

Pay attention to what’s going on inside your body and give it some attention and you’ll rid yourself of conditioned, emotional retention.

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