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September 10, 2020

No Sense Predicting The Future

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Josh olalde 7YZupa9tAcU unsplash“No sense predicting the future; the future predicts us.” So said The Grasshopper this morning.

We live a self-fulfilling prophesy every day when our patterns keep us steeped in our ways.

Here’s what we rarely do: examine our patterned way of thinking and behaving. We just put it out there on display and not recognize how it gets in our way.

The biggest addiction I’ve witnessed in my lifetime is denial. We deny that our patterned behavior is the cause of us remaining stuck. We constantly look outside of us for a demon as the reason. It’s the “Devil made me do it” defense – one that, under inspection, – makes no sense.

Our future looks back on us and sees us in cement. That will be the case as long as we deny responsibility for our present circumstances.

Our patterns of thinking and behaving need periodic review. Doing so, gives us opportunities to make adjustments so we can build a future that’s not the “same old” but new.

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